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rockman_dot_exe's Journal

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Rockman.EXE and Ryusei no Rockman discussion
Welcome to the Rockman.exe/Axess/Stream/Beast/Beast+/Ryusei LJ community! =D Anyone and everyone is welcome to join, just follow the golden rule when it comes to posting spoilers, always. use. cut. tags. We don't want people spoiling things for other people now do we? =p Try to keep everything on-topic, and keep the flaming to a minimum kthx. You can also use this as a place to share LJ icons. Also, please no community/RP spamming unless it's Rockman.EXE-related. Multiple series RPs are alright to advertise so long as you're specifically looking for a Rockman.EXE RPer and not just looking for any RPer to RP any series.

Note: Downloadable content like scans can be freely used. However you should give credit. Wherever you share the scans, you should say where you got them from. Mention this community or the username of the person.

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