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Rockman.exe mangá.

Hello, some time I have been looking for manga scans Rockman.EXE / MegaMan NT Warrior in order to start a translation project for the language of my country (Portuguese), but, finding only scans the volumes 1 and 7.
I wonder if there somewhere, or someone who scans available the series so we can finally begin the translation project.
I saw the posts of this community, but unfortunately most of the links no longer available and so it seems the Mangafox withdrew scans your site, does anybody here have these scans saved somewhere?

Thank you in advance.

Netto/Meiru; credit to Hobbit_hunter

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Hey all!

I'm currently looking to see if anyone/group has subbed Rockman.exe Stream. If anyone has, does anyone have a torrent?

If not, does anyone have a raw torrent?

Thanks all!
rockman: saito

Fic Recs?

Hi! I just got back into Rockman.exe and I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good fanfics! I'm really looking for ones set in the games' 'verse, or an AU of it. I'm open to all pairings except incestuous ones...not that there are that many to choose from but I really don't like NettoxRockman XD. I don't mind whether they use the English or Japanese names, I'm familiar enough with both. Original characters are fine as long as they're reasonable. There's no character I particularly hate, so it could be centered on anybody, though I particularly like our two heroes. I'd especially like to see some character backstory or post EXE6 ones, but...anything is fine really. I'm just looking for good fic.

Thank you!