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Rockman.EXE First + Second Area Raws - rockman_dot_exe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rockman.EXE First + Second Area Raws [Oct. 23rd, 2011|07:52 pm]


As some of you may or may not know, EruPii-Raws has purchased and is ripping all of the First and Second Area DVDs. Please do not download these if you do not own the original DVDs, as that is illegal. Here is the link to their site: http://rawland.net63.net/raws.php?erupii=14

[User Picture]From: erupii
2011-11-17 03:09 pm (UTC)

jájdekomolyság... primitív gondolkodású fiak

No, I'm not kidding. I am ACTUALLY EruPii, and yeah, just look at my profile pic, that's how I look like. If you're suspicious, you're doing it VERY VERY wrong. If you think I'm not EruPii, I don't care. It's still me, and that's it. I've created the website of EruPii-RawLand, besides I've uploaded those Beast ISOs with the name paulie093 (cause my name is Paul...) which were on Perfect Dark. I've also bought the Taiwanese version of Rockman Stream, and DVDRipped for the public. And yeah, when I found this site, I saw there was a quite interesting message in which there was written: "EruPii-Raws have bought the First and Second Area of Rockman.EXE" or something like that. I'd be glad if I had so much money to buy them, but as Japanese DVDs are priced quite ridiculously, I can't. I just created this account to tell everyone it's not true you wrote.

If you want more proofs, just e-mail me. My e-mail is: ninep13@gmail.com

EruPii, the creator of EruPii-RawLand and the ripper of most Rockman.EXE series

PW: And no, in the picture there isn't an adult, it's me. Really. And I'm 17 years old - after 2 days I'll be 18. So please, don't suspect anyone you don't know.
(If my English is crap at some parts of my comment, sorry.)
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