Lizzie (renzik) wrote in rockman_dot_exe,

Hello there! Will someone give my Tohru muse a home?

Hi there, I'm Lizzie, it's nice to meet you. I'm kinda new to the fandom, got into it through the anime, after watching the first season... I kinda fell in love with Tohru. the first episode he appears in is just so adorable. Do any of you guys like him, too? I just have a feeling he's just one of those characters not a lot of people pay attention to, which is sad to me.

Anyhow, I have a bit of a request. see, I really really REALLY want to RP as Tohru, preferably one-on-one with somebody, assuming any of you are up for such collaborative writing hijinx with me.

If any of you are interested, please Comment here, or E-mail me at or AIM me at Granis255

For those of you who aren't into the RP thing, and want to fuel my fanlust for Tohru anyway. I'd appreciate any ficrecs, fanart links, and Tohru screencaps you can give me.

Fellow Tohru fans, let's unite and share our love. :3

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