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[fic] What Measure is a Navi

Hi, all. I'm not quite sure of the protocol for posting fanfics; if they're frowned on here, I apologize in advance.

Even if you don't read the fic, however, this is a question that I'd really like to hear some input and discussion on, if you're up to it.

I've been writing a fanfic that tries to deal with the odd way the Rockman.EXE universe treats Navis. Are they expendable programs that can be modified, deleted, and backed up at the drop of a hat, or are they basically people who deserve all the respect that humans do? (And are those two ways of looking at them actually mutually exclusive?) I know the general focus of EXE is on the latter, but characters make statements to the former often in the games, and I thought it would be interesting to explore this question a bit more.

The fic itself is set halfway during the Axess anime arc, and involves an original character. I've tried to make this OC into a balanced - and flawed - character in her own right, not just a vehicle for my philosophical questions. If you think I've failed or succeeded, please tell me so.

Summary: Ijuin Enzan has just lost Blues to the Dark Chip. Desperate to do something, he accepts help offered from the Ameroupe Net Saviors in the form of a young programming specialist. But however skilled List is, Enzan couldn't help but wonder at her somewhat odd behavior, and his eventual discovery forces both him and List to make a crucial decision.
Content: Japanese names, no pairings, warning for occasional crude language.

Chapters 1-3, on FF.net

EDIT: Also, if someone wouldn't mind telling me; if I were to update this fic sometime in the not-too-recent future (say, a week later), would it be all right for me to make another post alerting people to the update?

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