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[sculptureficdump] R-Searchman

It took a while for me to get unbusy enough to post this, although I finished it around a month ago. This is my first attempt at action figures with actual movable joints; I enjoyed it, and I think it turned out well, but I'll be damned if I start another project like this without knowing exactly I'm getting into.

R-Searchman, from Rockman.EXE Stream and beyond. His visor is missing due to inability to find transparent orange clay, and his gun is missing because I'm lazy and a college student.

Various pictures below the first cut, and preview!

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And now for a two-in-one. I've been working on a oneshot fic (in two chapters! it got long.) involving Laika and Searchman in the EXE Beast seasons, which I've included below a separate cut so you can ignore it at your leisure. It's mildly self-referential, overly serious, dramatic, and probably only fits my tastes, but if you're interested, feel free to take a look at the first chapter.

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Hello there! Will someone give my Tohru muse a home?

Hi there, I'm Lizzie, it's nice to meet you. I'm kinda new to the fandom, got into it through the anime, after watching the first season... I kinda fell in love with Tohru. the first episode he appears in is just so adorable. Do any of you guys like him, too? I just have a feeling he's just one of those characters not a lot of people pay attention to, which is sad to me.

Anyhow, I have a bit of a request. see, I really really REALLY want to RP as Tohru, preferably one-on-one with somebody, assuming any of you are up for such collaborative writing hijinx with me.

If any of you are interested, please Comment here, or E-mail me at or AIM me at Granis255

For those of you who aren't into the RP thing, and want to fuel my fanlust for Tohru anyway. I'd appreciate any ficrecs, fanart links, and Tohru screencaps you can give me.

Fellow Tohru fans, let's unite and share our love. :3

[fanwork] redbluegreen sculptures

It's been a while since I posted the last sculpture. The Forte project fell through, but I ended up making Enzan and Netto instead, to round out the team. Pictures behind the cut, or you could go to the dA pages for more detailed views.

Hikari Netto
Ijuin Enzan

Please enjoy - and point out any blatant mistakes I've made, so I can refrain from making them in future sculptures.

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And now I'm wondering what to sculpt next, but I don't want to burn out either by doing too much of the same. Bah!

[fic] What Measure is a Navi

Hi, all. I'm not quite sure of the protocol for posting fanfics; if they're frowned on here, I apologize in advance.

Even if you don't read the fic, however, this is a question that I'd really like to hear some input and discussion on, if you're up to it.

I've been writing a fanfic that tries to deal with the odd way the Rockman.EXE universe treats Navis. Are they expendable programs that can be modified, deleted, and backed up at the drop of a hat, or are they basically people who deserve all the respect that humans do? (And are those two ways of looking at them actually mutually exclusive?) I know the general focus of EXE is on the latter, but characters make statements to the former often in the games, and I thought it would be interesting to explore this question a bit more.

The fic itself is set halfway during the Axess anime arc, and involves an original character. I've tried to make this OC into a balanced - and flawed - character in her own right, not just a vehicle for my philosophical questions. If you think I've failed or succeeded, please tell me so.

Summary: Ijuin Enzan has just lost Blues to the Dark Chip. Desperate to do something, he accepts help offered from the Ameroupe Net Saviors in the form of a young programming specialist. But however skilled List is, Enzan couldn't help but wonder at her somewhat odd behavior, and his eventual discovery forces both him and List to make a crucial decision.
Content: Japanese names, no pairings, warning for occasional crude language.

Chapters 1-3, on

EDIT: Also, if someone wouldn't mind telling me; if I were to update this fic sometime in the not-too-recent future (say, a week later), would it be all right for me to make another post alerting people to the update?

EXE fanwork - Laika sculpture

First post here, and please tell me if I'm doin' it wrong D:

I've been an EXE fan since 2002, but only recently got into sculpture; this is my first attempt at EXE. As far as characters go, Laika's definitely pretty minor, but I'm a complete fangirl to each his own. I've also been commissioned for a Forte, although that might take me a couple of months to finish, but if I ever do I'll try to post that as well.

Pictures below the cut, and enjoy!

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Rockman.exe mangá.

Hello, some time I have been looking for manga scans Rockman.EXE / MegaMan NT Warrior in order to start a translation project for the language of my country (Portuguese), but, finding only scans the volumes 1 and 7.
I wonder if there somewhere, or someone who scans available the series so we can finally begin the translation project.
I saw the posts of this community, but unfortunately most of the links no longer available and so it seems the Mangafox withdrew scans your site, does anybody here have these scans saved somewhere?

Thank you in advance.

Netto/Meiru; credit to Hobbit_hunter

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Hey all!

I'm currently looking to see if anyone/group has subbed Rockman.exe Stream. If anyone has, does anyone have a torrent?

If not, does anyone have a raw torrent?

Thanks all!
rockman: saito

Fic Recs?

Hi! I just got back into Rockman.exe and I was wondering if any of you could recommend some good fanfics! I'm really looking for ones set in the games' 'verse, or an AU of it. I'm open to all pairings except incestuous ones...not that there are that many to choose from but I really don't like NettoxRockman XD. I don't mind whether they use the English or Japanese names, I'm familiar enough with both. Original characters are fine as long as they're reasonable. There's no character I particularly hate, so it could be centered on anybody, though I particularly like our two heroes. I'd especially like to see some character backstory or post EXE6 ones, but...anything is fine really. I'm just looking for good fic.

Thank you!